About Us

About Document Company

Document Company was incorporated by Alex Canals in February 1993. Prior to this, Alex Canals worked at Xerox for over 10 years, where he undertook various roles and gained extensive expertise in the document management industry. During the first ten years, Document Company tripled its sales and increased its workforce from four employees to thirty (by the year 2003). In 2011, Document Company acquired Strategic Document Solutions, a Puerto Rican enterprise dedicated to the sale and distribution of office equipment. After this acquisition, the Document Company has continued experiencing business growth.

After more than 30 years in the office equipment and document management industry, Document Company is Xerox’s largest Authorized Agent in the Caribbean, in addition to being one of the largest in the United States. Document Company operates with a fully prepared and committed sales team that can handle any query and provide customized solutions that meet all of our client’s business needs. As an Authorized Agent, we are the only sales channel in Puerto Rico that offers the full range of Xerox’s products and solutions. We are backed by the entire Xerox team in Puerto Rico, including engineers and product specialists. This, combined with the flexibilities and customized service provided by your local sales representative, qualifies Document Company as your best option for the optimization of your document management processes and office needs.

Mission Statement:

To maintain our leadership position in the document management industry in Puerto Rico, by providing excellent service and focusing on customer satisfaction.

Our Vision:

As technology evolved in all aspects of our life, Document Company, as a representative of Xerox, one of the most active companies in the world in bringing to the market new inventions, we are committed to bring to our customers the most advanced products and services to make their document management processes as effective as possible.