Technical Features
Print your medical images on paper, directly from modality’s console!

DICOM print server

DICOMJet exactly reproduces the behavior of a full-featured DICOM film printer on your office printer.

Full DICOM compliance

DICOMJet offers complete compliance with the DICOM 3.0 standard, acting as a Service Class Provider (SCP) for all Print Management SOP classes.

High-quality output

DICOMJet delivers high-quality grayscale and color print output. Images printed on paper by DICOMJet are of near-diagnostic quality.
DicomJet Brochure

Customizable layout

Fully customizable layout, header, footer and logos on the printed sheets.

Print jobs management

Advanced management of DICOM print jobs, which can be saved, previewed and re-submitted in a second time.

Advanced optimizations

Advanced image manipulations and quality adjustments are possible, thanks to the support for modality-specific driver settings, software lookup tables (LUT’s) and image transformations.

Multi-printer management

A single DICOMJet software instance is able to drive several printers, with forwarding tables and rules.

Xerox EIP

DICOMJet supports the Xerox Extended Interface Platform (EIP) technology. Many DICOMJet features are available directly on the touch screen of EIP-capable Xerox devices, thus delivering an extremely streamlined and optimized workflow. In addition, some exclusive image acquisition and DICOMization features are available in the DICOMJet EIP application.

Unlimited associations

DICOMJet supports unlimited simultaneous DICOM associations.

Export functions

Support for JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP export of images.

True-size printing

Advanced support for true-size printing.


DICOMJet is CE-marked as a class I medical device.