Ubi for Productivity
Ubi is transforming the way we present and collaborate

The collaboration tool that works for you.

Ubi is the ultimate collaboration device that makes meetings more productive, engaging and collaborative.
Within seconds, connect your PC wirelessly to the large interactive display.
Swipe through your power point presentation. Zoom in and out with a simple pinch gesture.
Tap through your product demo.
Annotate on any application and save them as shareable images.
Scribble and draw on a whiteboard. Share real-time it with any team member working on any device anywhere in the world.
Work with upto 20 team members at the same time

And you can also use any app on your PC

Ubi does not lock you into its own proprietary software: you can interact with any app on your Windows PC or with content on your favorite browser. .

Microsoft Office

Annotate and save directly in Word, Power Point and Excel


Pan, rotate, zoom in and annotate on 3D mdoels amd blueprints

Web Applications

Pick your favorite browser and interact with your web application.

Video conferencing

Pick your favorite video confereing tool. Use it with sharebale whiteboard for more productive meetings


Use the inbuilt whiteboard or a mindmap tool too create and collaborate.

And Much More…

If its on your PC, you can use it with Ubi.

Make it work in your workspace

Ubi is a highly flexible tool that can work with various physical setups you have in your work place.

Do you have questions or are you ready to start using Ubi?