Ubi Annotation

Annotate anything using Ubi

Ubi’s annotation tool allows you to annotate any content, save it and share with your colleagues. Annotate Google Earth, Wikipedia articles, pdfs or you desktop. No more taking photos of your whiteboard with your phone!
Ubi Shareable Whiteboard
With one click, you can share Ubi’s web whiteboard with any colleague, on any device, anywhere in the world. Everyone you invite sees whatever you jot down, erase and scribble on your Ubi web whiteboard as it happens. You can then together learn, brainstorm and share. Perfect for remote team collaboration.
Ubi Hub
With just one click, you can wirelessly project content from a team member’s laptop to the Ubi interactive whiteboard and interact with the content. Or have team members add to the content you have projected, right from their seats.

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