Ubi Annotation

Annotate anything using Ubi

Ubi’s annotation tool allows you to annotate any content, save it and share with your students. Annotate Google Earth, Wikipedia articles, pdfs or your desktop.
Ubi Camera

Plug in your document camera and annotate on a big screen.

Ubi works with any document camera. With a click of a button, you can display textbooks, experiments and 3D objects on a big screen, interact with and annotate over the image using Ubi’s annotation tool. Easily save what you’ve captured and share it with your students.
Ubi Shareable Whiteboard
With one click, you can share Ubi’s web whiteboard with any student, on any device, anywhere in the world. You can then together learn, brainstorm and share.
Ubi Hub

Interaction at your fingertips

With just one click, you can wirelessly project individual student’s laptops to the Ubi interactive whiteboard and interact with the content. Or have students add to the content you have projected, right from their desks.

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